Van Incubation Center

In 2004, Van Industrialists and Businessmen’s Association (VANSİAD) was aspired to the İŞGEM Project, which was carried out within the scope of ÖSDP-1 by the Prime Ministry Privatization Administration.

– The project proposal of VAN İŞGEM 2004 was accepted at the end of the 12th year.

– The land and real estates belonging to the Sümerbank Van Leather and Shoe Factory, which has been closed for approximately 2.5 years in our province and will be put up for sale, were transferred to the Presidency of KOSGEB on 30.12.2004, with the Prime Ministry Privatization High Board, with the condition of being used as İŞGEM.

– With the protocol signed between KOSGEB and VANSİAD on 14.01.2005, the use of the said place was allocated to VANSİAD for 5 years with the registration of use in the İŞGEM Project. It was requested to be revised for 15 years and the allocations were renewed.

– The project is carried out by VAN İŞGEM (Van Teknoloji Business Development and Initiative Services Limited Company), founded by VANSİAD, of which 75% is VANSİAD and 25% is VATBO.

– Entrepreneurs started to be recruited for the Van İşgem project as of the 6th century in 2005, and the project envisaged around the project (number of entrepreneurs and employees) was fulfilled ahead of time.

– VAN İŞGEM, which continued its activities with 100% occupancy and 350 people employment until the earthquake in our city in 2011, experienced serious results during and after the earthquake.

– 9,300,000 Euros implemented by VANSİAD within the scope of IPA between 2016/2017, (90% EU grant Fund contribution) As a result of the “VAN İŞGEM GROWING” Project, Modern 30 additional workshops were upgraded to 58 Workshops and ensured immigration with a continuous 100% occupancy, benefit from the sharing of the economy and employment of the province.

The Business Development Centers, which have been successfully implemented in many developed world houses of the world and which are considered new nearby, have been aimed to set a good example by providing a positive effect in overcoming the observations and economic problems experienced in our region and in the development of the industry, and this target has been realized in a short time with the successful operation.

It has been determined that the so-called privilege of making large industrial investments is not expected at this stage, where the abandonment of sufficient sub-industry in the province is a major factor in the development of the industry of the province, and the fact that these requests will create an infrastructure and sub-industry for large investments to be made in our İŞGEM-operated province has been observed.

The venue with a closed area of approximately 17.000 m2 on a total land of 200.000 m2;

– Modern workplaces allocated to companies on favorable terms

– Administrative building where consultancy, internet, library and office managements are given

– It consists of multi-purpose halls used in trainings and meetings given to companies.

Eastern Anatolia Development Agency Board Membership

Yıl University VAN TEKNOKENT Partnership and Board Membership
Turkish İŞGEM Association Board Membership

Van Governorship Micro Credit Project Advisory Board Membership

Van Public Prosecutor’s Office Member of Protection Board

Van 100. Yıl University Foundation Board Member

Van Economic Council Board Member

Social Assistance Foundation Board of Trustees Membership

Turkish Education Volunteers Foundation Van Education Park Board Member

Türkiye Community Foundation Services Van Representation